Monday, 13 August 2012

Confessions of a filthy hotel habit

Why do I like hotels so much? Good question. 

  • I'm incredibly lazy so love not having to cook or clean: leaving a room to go to lunch and coming back to find the bed made, new toiletries and clean towels pleases me greatly.

  • Anyone who has children will understand the monotony of putting food on the table every bloody day, day in, day out, for EVAH. It's tedious and I much prefer sitting at a table with a glass of wine and being waited on. Who wouldn't?

  • My husband and I like being able to have uninterrupted (and possibly loud) sex. We can't do this at home: we have a teenager who goes to bed at midnight and our children are mainly around, making sneaking off for a shag out of the question, even at the weekend.

  • My father also had a filthy hotel habit. He had massive delusions of grandeur and was always delighted when doormen remembered him and waiters knew his name, which they often did as he was charming and a big tipper, despite being mainly skint. He thought heaven was the Four Seasons in Singapore so I hope to make it there some day and have a Singapore Sling in his memory, as he died in 2001.

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