Monday, 13 August 2012

I really want to stay in these country hotels - UK

Oh there are so many!

I'll start in the UK, because these fantasies are the ones I'm most likely to actually fulfil. So here's a list of where I want to stay and why. 

In the Countryside:

  • Babington House in Frome, Somerset. Because I've never been and it feels like a bit of an omission from any true hotel addict's list of experiences really. Although I do wonder whether it might be intimidating, given that I'm not a stick insect fashionista but it's been around so long it's probably out of fashion now so it'll probably be ok. 

  • Gidleigh Park on Dartmoor. Because I bet Michael Caines cooking is fantastic and the location is fabulous, on Dartmoor. We're going to scatter my father in law's ashes at some point and as he was a Dartmoor man, we'll stay at a Dartmoor hotel, maybe this one

  • Hotel Endsleigh in Devon. Because I'm a Polizzi fan and I bet the service is tip tip. And it's in Devon and looks peaceful, the sort of place where there's probably a grandfather clock ticking in the hall and a stream gurgling through the garden

  • The Bull in Bridport. Because it gets good reviews and sounds pleasingly rustic but stylish at the same time. 

  • Chewton Glen, The New Forest. Because, and this is really shallow, Mariella Frostrup gave it a fab write up when it first opened and because Caitlin Moran recently reviewed the tree houses which sound fabulous but REALLY STUPIDLY expensive. I want to see if it lives up to the hype really.

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