Monday, 13 August 2012

Hotel Crimes

If a hotel commits any of these Hotel Crimes I won't be back:  

  • Crime 1: fail to acknowledge me when I arrive. Basic, you'd have thought. I'm a Paying Customer, be nice to me!

  • Crime 2: fail to smile when I'm checking in. It's not hard, it's free to do surprisngly is not always done.

  • Crime 3: Try to fob me off with a crappy room. I have done my research before I stay somewhere, I know what I want, please don't insult me.

  • Crime 4: Serve me too slowly or with attitude. I can get attitude at home, I don't need it when I'm paying for service and atmosphere.

  • Crime 5: Manage my expectations badly. By this I mean if the pork belly is off, please tell me when you give me the menu. If your hotel is by the sea and my room hasn't got a sea view, tell me. That kind of thing.

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