Monday, 13 August 2012

I really want to stay in these beach hotels - UK

There's something about being beside the sea and as someone who used to live near it in Devon and has since moved to the middle of the country, I do miss it. These are the UK beach hotels I'm keenest to try: 
  • Burgh Island hotel. I've been into the stunning art deco reception area but they are quite sniffy about tourists milling around the common areas (fair enough I suppose, if you're paying nearly a grand a night you might want some peace and quiet) so I've never seen any further. It's a romantic location, across on Burgh Island in Devon and you need to get the sea tractor across the sands at Bantham, which is a great way to arrive anywhere really. 
  • The Driftwood in Rosevine, Cornwall. Their website is a bit rubbish so you can't see how the rooms look and I booked a couple of years ago but then went elsewhere in the end. Mainly because they don't serve food all day and I thought that would be a pain with children in tow. But the location is stunning and they have a private beach and a cabin just away from the main hotel which looks like just the place to take the children one summer. 
  •  The Lugger, Cornwall. Although I went there for lunch with my 2 well behaved children 5 years ago and they were definitely a bit sniffy about kids. But it's right on the edge of the cliff at Portloe and feels like smugglers and treasure and Du Maurier and it's just romantic. So taking the kids is probably where I went wrong if I'm honest.
  •  The Scarlett, Mawgan Porth, Cornwall. This is strictly adults only and looks divine from the website. Sea views from every room, an amazing spa, right by the beach, it just screams grown up glamour. Even the name is quite sexy. 

I'm sure there are more, I'll come back when I think of them. 

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