Monday, 13 August 2012

What makes a truly great hotel?

Loads of things but, in no particular order:

  • Great service: staff who really care and look after their guests. Getting the right balance and the correct mixture of friendly and unobtrusive is hard but wonderful when it's pulled off.
  • Location, obviously. It's no good staying in Central London if you crave sand dunes and salty air.
  • Fantastic beds and bedding - after all, you're paying for a good night sleep, among other things.
  • Extreme cleanliness. It's only okay sleeping in a bed someone else sweated in the night before if you know the bedding has been changed, the loo's been bleached and the shower's been cleaned. 
  • Great food because who wants to have to go further than downstairs to eat, really?
  • Decent decor. I don't want chintz at home so I don't want it in an hotel either.
  • Extra touches: The Haymarket leave a personal note and a gift - last time I went it was body oil, the time before chocolates. It makes guests feel loved from the off I think.

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